Take A Chill Pill: Chronic Stress Leads To Disease
Self-care is a hot topic lately, but research has proven it’s more than a buzzword: Long-term activation of your body’s response system leads to heart disease, high blood pressure, chronic muscle tension, and deterioration of your mental health.
By Vincent Vu
Eat Your Vitamins, Like, Literally

Supplements are a good option when you’d like to observe the benefits of a certain nutrient, but it’s not practical for your lifestyle to ingest it from the source. Here’s a list of superfoods that can help you round out your nutrition plan:

By Vincent Vu
WTF is Thermogenesis
If you’re looking to lose stubborn fat and be healthier, sustainable way to manage your weight while preserving muscle is to add a thermogenic supplement to your fitness routine. You’ll reap the same benefits without the discomfort or risk from cold exposure, and develop lifestyle habits that will keep you healthy.
By Vincent Vu
Yikes! This Is Why You Should Skip The Vampire Facial
The Vampire facial, also known as “platelet rich plasma therapy,” is a process where plasma is drawn from a client’s own blood and reinjected. If you’re not a believer in the whole “beauty is pain” thing, try these gentler natural remedies for naturally improving skin elasticity, tone, and texture.
By Vincent Vu

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